Musing Studio Notes

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By Matt Baer

Just revamped the Musing Studio website. My goals were to focus more on our current products, to accurately show where we are right now, and to present our suite of tools as a cohesive solution for creative people.

First, you’ll notice how we showcase This is really where everything starts in the suite, and I imagine a account eventually becoming synonymous with a Musing Studio account in the future — so this should hopefully make that clearer.

I’ve removed many of our planned products for now. We’ll still get there, but I personally need to feel less pressure to constantly build as quickly as possible. So I hope this will help with that.

Beyond that, I wanted to sum up our products into a single over-archiving idea — web publishing for artists — and mention how that ties into other ideas we advocate for, like privacy and democracy. You’ll find that on our about page.

Finally, I wanted to make it clear how we run — that it’s basically just me, Matt (hi! 👋) — and to set expectations for development. For now, that means getting rid of a concrete roadmap for a few months while I clear major obligations off my plate, so I can be more responsive to our most pressing issues with the product and service.

You’ll notice this site becoming more of the “hub” for everything I’m building, and a great resource to find where we are today and where we’re headed. Any thoughts? Discuss... on

By Matt Baer

In the course of a current migration project, we realized we needed a way to continue hosting generic files that were on the previous site.

While wasn’t a perfect fit, being tailored to photo storage, I knew much of the backend could be reused and repurposed for storing generic files. This has become, a simple file hosting platform we’ll launch more widely in the future.

For now, will be accessible only via an API (naturally, we have a Go library for it already), and available to Team customers that request it. Beyond that, we hope to open it to individual Pro users, too. So if you’re interested in using this new service at all, please get in touch!

By Matt Baer

We’re just getting this off the ground. Stay tuned for more looks behind the scenes of Musing Studio.

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